The Story so Far: Part 2

You all set sail downriver towards Tamran aboard the ship of Captain Walren. It was a six days journey and, other than a swarm of hungry crabs invading your boat, the trip to Tamran was rather uneventful. However, on the night you entered the mouth of the river at Lake Encarthan, you were attacked by a group of pirates. You defeated the pirates and discovered a charter that revealed this group really wasn’t pirates, but were really privateers hired by the Molthune government to sabotage the trade vessels coming into Tamran. Captain Walren informed you that the officials in the city would be most interested in hearing that you had evidence that Molthune was behind the recent attacks. As you deboarded, Walren suggested you stay at an inn close to the dock named The Gar’s Last Meal. Which is owned by Puglas Tamall. You made your way to the inn and soon learned from Puglas why the inn got its name. After settling in (and discovering that the food wasn’t to your liking), you made your way into town to turn over the evidence you had uncovered aboard the privateers’ vessel. The local officials were grateful for the information and gave you all a reward of 500 gold. You all then stopped by a baker’s shop after smelling something delicious cooking in the kitchen. The shop is owned by Welton Grompus. He was grateful for your patronage and told you all to stop by for breakfast. After running a few more errands, you all decided you’d better meet with your Pathfinder contact in the town. You made your way to the The Forest Bounty and met with Reginar. He informed you of the situation in Tamran with the cultists of Razmir. He told you that they were pretty much thugs who bullied the town and that if your quest for the amulet had let you to them, then the amulet was most likely kept in their temple. The only problem is, Reginar has no idea what kind of force you would be up against, as all the cultists dress the same and the group grows more and more by the week. The only sound option you all came up with to retrieve the amulet was to become initiated in the cult and get the amulet out from the inside.

The Story so Far: Part 1
Crypt of the Everflame

Your group of adventurers all started as citizens of and around the area of the town of Kassen. You all were to be initiated as champions of the region in a ritual known as “The Quest for the Everflame”. You set out to best the trials that were to face you at the crypt. However, when you got to the crypt, you discovered that all the townsfolk who had set out to set up the crypt for the trial were missing or dead. As you explored, you learned that a group of bandits were responsible for awakening the spirit of Asar, the enemy and one time friend of the founder of the town of Kassen. Asar and Kassen’s spirits were awakened when, according to the spirit of Kassen, the bandits tried to steal the amulets that were resting with their bodies. (Kassen claimed they were successful in stealing one amulet and that this amulet could lead to a horde of undead and evil spirits to awaken across the land). Once awake, Asar had used some of his own dark magic to turn the corpses kept in the crypt to his will. You defeated the reanimated corpses,(and Asar himself), and returned to the city with the news that the crypt had been disturbed. It was a half-hearted celebration as many good people of the town had been lost at the crypt. A pathfinder named Cygar approached your group and told you that the mask you found in the crypt belonged to cultists of Razmir. According to some of his contacts, the nearest (and most recent) temple to Razmir lay in the capital city of Tamran. Two members of the group left the party after the events at the crypt and two new members joined the party. You set out to Tamran via the River Marideth on the river barge of Captain Walren.


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